When you buy a Bamboosa product,

you are making a statement of environmental concern & enlightenment.

You are opting for an eco-friendly, sustainable alternative to timber, plastic or metal. You are raising your voice against the widespread clear cutting of our world's precious timberland.

Bamboo is elegant, strong and versatile, finding usage in varied products. Because of its great tensile strength, its capacity for splitting straight, its hardness, its peculiar cross-section, and the ease with which it can be grown (a combination of useful traits found together in no other plant) bamboo is a truly providential gift of nature.

What's more, you will be contributing to the livelihood of local villagers around Lavasa. Bamboosa is a CSR project of Lavasa where local villagers are trained in bamboo craft-making and employed in the Bamboosa factory where Fair Trade practices ensure they earn a respectable livelihood without being forced to leave their homes in the countryside.